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HighRise Maintenance Systems Components


Roof Mounted Hoist & BMU Systems

To reduce platform weight, especially in tall buildings, the hoists can be mounted at the roof and controlled from the platform by remote control through the suspension wire ropes, a lightweight separate communication cable or remote control.

Track & Roof Car Systems

Track-mounted equipment for suspending the platform is an efficient system for lateral movement of the unit between working locations. Because many building facade areas are not directly below a roof that will enable the launching of a platform using fixed Davits, Monorail Trolleys and track-mounted Roof Cars and Carriages are often required for lateral movement and suspension of a platform. Counter-weighted Roof Cars designed to suspend a platform and able to run on concrete roof surfaces and runways can also be substituted for track-mounted equipment. Different style boom systems can be designed to the requirements of a building to suspend a platform

Davit Bases & Tilt-Up and Push-Out Davit Arms

Davit Bases are manufactured for installation on both steel and concrete structure buildings. Bases for steel buildings are engineered for either welding or bolting to the structure. Bases for concrete buildings include the embedment. The Davit Base provides the support for the Davit Arm that suspends the Platform.

Drop-Thru Supports & Monorail Systems for Atriums and Overhanging Canopies

Special Sleeves designed for Platform suspension at exterior recessed areas, overhanging canopies, ledges and sunshades; and/or interior atrium spaces where conventional suspension methods are not possible.

Platforms, Stages, Cradles and Gondolas

Platforms (also commonly known as Cradles, Stages and Gondolas) can vary from small, single-man units to extremely large units able to carry several workers. Using a modular or sectional platform makes it possible to rig a single unit in varying lengths in order to accommodate many different conditions on a building… allowing for better utilization of equipment and greater operating efficiency. The hoist motors can be located on the platform or on the roof. All platforms are built to meet all United States OSHA requirements for permanent installations as well as those of other countries.

Stage Stabilization Lanyard Tie-In Receptors & Safety Line Systems

Flush mounted Quick-Release Receptors and other Permanent Anchor Bolts installed in a building’s facade to secure the platform during operation against wind are coordinated with both the type of suspension and guide devices used on the platform. Building facade receptors/anchors are custom fabricated to fit specific window mullions, precast panels and other type building structures to minimize installation costs and visual impact.

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