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Our Three Primary Objectives in designing a system are:

  • Compliance with all applicable codes
  • The ability to access and service the total building and perform maintenance as efficiently as possible
  • Minimize the visual impact on the building’s architecture

As problem solvers we strive to accomplish the above objectives as effectively as possible.

HighRise Systems designs, manufactures, and installs equipment for window washing and all types of building maintenance. In conjunction with the Owner, Architect, and Contractor we determine the necessary equipment to clean the windows, maintain the complete façade and any signs, and when necessary replace lights and any damaged glass. An experienced company with both large and small, complex and simple engagements worldwide, HighRise Systems welcomes the opportunity of working on new buildings as well as retrofitting and updating installations on older buildings.

Our commitment to safety.

At HighRise Systems our concern for Safety Is Primary, On-Going and Never Ending. It starts during the Initial System Design and continues as we closely monitor both Manufacturing and Installation as well as all future Maintenance and Inspection of the equipment on the building. As long as equipment by HighRise Systems is on a structure, we are concerned about its maintenance and safe use.

Our Professional Engineering Staff prepares detailed Concept, Shop and Installation Drawings of the system layout and equipment. Reaction loads for all equipment where it connects and interfaces with the building are specified for the Structural Engineer.

Although we manufacture standard equipment, such as Tilt-Up Davits and Sockets and simple Roof Carriage Systems for both concrete and steel structure buildings, it is realize that these standard equipment items will not fit all buildings. HighRise systems maintains a staff with the ability to design, engineer and fabricate systems for any building configuration.
All equipment is produced under our strict quality control and in our own plant to meet the construction schedule. An important part of a good system is arriving at the jobsite on time
Drawings and specifications and the on-going coordination of the HighRise Systems’ staff ensure a smooth installation during construction. The HIghRise Systems Operations Manual and the On-Site Instruction provided upon completion insure the safe and proper use of equipment.
Maintenance and Service is as important to the system as good initial design, manufacture and installation. Therefore HighRise Systems, Inc. maintains its own Service Department which with Routine Maintenance and Inspection the owner can insure both himself and the equipment user that he is providing a safe working environment meeting all the latest codes for the system. In addition, routine maintenance reduces often the causes of one-time costly repairs while extending the useful life of the equipment.


Certification Load Testing

The International Window Cleaning Association ANSI I.14 standard was introduced in 2001 that includes a 10-year re-certification of all suspended maintenance roof anchoring equipment and engineered drawing(s).

OSHA clearly supports the ANSI I.14 Standard as it is recognized as the standard for safe practice which should be adhered to by all parties in conjunction with window cleaning operations and is a resource for OSHA compliance officers. The ANSI I.14 standard is enforceable by OSHA under the general duty clause Section 5(a) (1).

“Section 1910.27(b)(1) specifies requirements for RDS anchorages, which are devices installed specifically to support an RDS or fixed structural members of a building, such as posts, beams, girders, and columns that may also serve as RDS anchorages in some cases (81 FR 82511). To ensure RDS are safe for workers to use, anchorages must be capable of supporting the impact forces that the equipment may apply. Therefore, before a worker uses an RDS, §1910.27(b)(1) requires:


The building owner to inform employers, in writing, that the building owner has identified, tested, certified, and maintained each anchorage so it is capable of supporting at least 5,000 pounds, in any direction, for each worker attached. The information must be based on:

  • An annual inspection by a qualified person; and
  • Certification by a qualified person as necessary and at least every 10 years.


Employers are to ensure that no employee uses RDS anchorages before they have obtained written information from the building owner that each anchorage meets the requirements in §1910.27(b)(1)(i). The employer must also keep that information for the duration of the current job.”

Reference link https://www.osha.gov/laws-regs/standardinterpretations/2017-11-20

The following is included to re-certify the complete engineered suspended maintenance and fall protection system:

  • Annual inspection and complete review of the entire tie-back/window washing equipment and layout to ensure compliance with all ANSI I-14, OSHA, Local, State, Provincial and Federal requirements. It may be necessary that additional equipment be required at an additional fee to quoted costs.
  • Load testing of a percentage of the existing equipment as determined by a Professional Engineer using a prescribed load test procedure.

*All equipment is proof-load tested prior to shipment.

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