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HighRise Maintenance Systems

HighRise Maintenance Systems, Inc. originally founded over 60 years ago as a manufacturer of custom fabricated steel products, entered the building maintenance equipment field in 1981. The original product line was limited to Davit equipment for flat top buildings. It soon became apparent that the trend in new building construction was moving from the simple box-type building; and that architects were responding with increased creativity and more challenging designs. New building configurations, rooftop designs, and curtainwall treatments, as well as unique interior areas such as Atriums, were becoming more commonplace. Realizing this, HighRise Maintenance Systems, Inc. decided to change from a company with a single product to a “problem solver” able to design “unique solutions for unique buildings.” For thirty plus years this has been both the company’s business and its strength.


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HighRise Maintenance Systems

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